Mapping & Inspecting

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We use a specialized, dual sensor, 4k NIR and Red Edge camera to monitor vegetation health. NIR, or near infrared, allows us to be precise with our data to help the grower pinpoint areas that are under stress or high in vigor. With our software, we can deliver instant results to our customer in the field. This allows the customer to take immediate action on problematic areas before the situation gets worse.

Services provided:

  • Crop analysis

  • Chlorophyll level determination

  • Plant health and stress level determination

  • Nitrogen management

  • Plant or weed identification

  • Locating field management zones

  • Shape file outputs for autonomous sprayers

  • Generated field reports

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Orthomosaic maps are made up of a series of individual photos which have been matched up via drone software so that they form a new composite image, consisting of all the smaller ones. 

Services provided (non geo referenced):

  • Digital Surface Models (DSM) & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) 

  • Topographic surveys with contour generation

  • High-Resolution Google Earth reference overlays

  • High-density point cloud data for mapping terrain and flow patterns

  • 3D mapping

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Aerial imaging can significantly reduce the time, expense, and safety of industrial and commercial inspections when compared to conventional methods. Our inspection drone are equipped with a high-resolution 20MP camera, which allows for a close up view of a structure.

Services provided:

  • Communication Tower Inspections

  • Crane inspection

  • Building Inspections

  • Roof Inspections

  • Insurance Claim Inspections

  • Silo inspections

  • Power line Inspections 

  • Construction Progress Report Inspections

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